Why Does Draymond Green ‘Hate the Play-In’ but Calls It ‘The Best Thing Ever Created’?

The Golden State Warriors finished the 2023-24 NBA regular season on a high note, securing 10th place in the contested Western Conference standings. 

Draymond Green of the Warriors, on the other hand, has some thoughts on the team's current position and the direction of the tournament. 

On his podcast, The Draymond Green Show, he stated, "I despise the play-in, just so you know. "I absolutely despise it.

But, oddly, he went on to state the opposite: "It's the best thing ever created.

 If you look at the play-in and what it's done for basketball, it's the best thing ever invented."

But why was he saying that? Despite falling short of a direct playoff berth, the Warriors ended 46-36.

The reason Draymond Green had mixed feelings about the play-in has to be evaluated from two perspectives. 

First, from the perspective of the players, the water appears murkier for the Dubs, as they must navigate their way through the play-in round in order to make the playoffs.


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