Why Are Divorce Rates High?  

 It is terrifying to hear the things that are said about marriage and divorce nowadays. "Most of today’s marriages end in divorce!" "Divorce rate keeps climbing!" "Rise in marriages that end in the first year  

 When there are issues in the marriage, such as infidelity, abuse, financial strain, and disagreements over how to raise children, including stepchildren, the whole idea of being married can become more daunting than exhilarating.  

 How come a lot of marriages end in divorce? How did we get to this discouraging 50% divorce rate? Could you tell me the truth?  This is going to be difficult, but I'm up for the challenge.  

 Looking at the numbers is the first order of business. Everyone has heard the statistic that "one in two marriages" ends in divorce, but what exactly does it imply  

 Unfortunately, the facts don't lend themselves well to being summed up in Vegas-style probabilities, as is frequently the case with statistics.   

 There is no way to know for sure if any given marriage will or will not end in divorce  

 At this time, the most accurate estimates that the experts have been able to come up with are based on comparing the annual marriage rate (6.8 per 1000) with the annual divorce rate (3.6 per 1000).  

 You may have guessed by now that this method of calculation does not reveal what fraction of modern marriages terminate in divorce. Here, we are not comparing across time but rather inside a single year  

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