Who has advanced to the 2024 NBA Playoffs? Find out here! 

The NBA's regular season ends after seven months and a dramatic final day, and all eyes are on the playoffs. 

 Twelve teams have qualified, but the play-in round, which begins on Tuesday, will determine the final four slots. LeBron James' Los Angeles Lakers and Steph Curry's Golden State Warriors are in it. 

 Western Conference: Oklahoma City Thunder, Denver Nuggets (defending champions), Minnesota Timberwolves, Los Angeles Clippers, Dallas Mavericks, Phoenix Suns. 

 The play-in tournament runs Tuesday through Friday before the play-offs on April  

 Teams finishing seventh to 10th in each conference will compete for two more play-off slots.  

 The seventh-eighth match winner will be the seventh seed in the playoffs. Losers face the winner of the ninth-10th match, who takes the eighth seed. 

 Eastern Conference: Boston Celtics (1) v 8th Seed; NY Knicks (2) v 7th Seed; Milwaukee Bucks (3) v Indiana Pacers (6); Cleveland Cavaliers (4) v Orlando Magic (5) 

The conference semi-finals and finals follow the first round, with the conference winners reaching the NBA Finals. 

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