Visual Illusions IQ Test: Only 1 In 10 Creative People Can Find The Hidden Ruler In 11 Seconds!  

We learn to identify subtleties and think creatively by solving optical illusions under time pressure.  

Racing against the clock to locate something ingeniously camouflaged in a picture teaches you to think outside the box and notice small details you might ignore.  

While solving these riddles fast doesn't indicate a high IQ, it does demonstrate ingenuity and awareness.  

Pattern recognition, which is linked to intelligence and creativity, is common among successful solvers. They also adjust views easily, another creative trait.  

In this stunning underwater landscape of darting fish, a sneaky shark, lush corals, and gently swaying sea plants, a hidden ruler is expertly disguised.  

Only 1 in 10 people with a creative eye and excellent observation abilities can reveal the ruler in 11 seconds!  

Do not be concerned if you were unable to locate the concealed ruler in this image. See the solution to the optical illusion down below.  

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