Two Signs of the Zodiac Are Sure to Fall Madly in Love By 2024's End  

Astrology may help individuals looking for "the one" or wondering if they already have it identify compatibility in all areas of life and the optimal time to meet a mate and have a good relationship.   

According to renowned astrologer Carol Starr, one zodiac sign may be ready.  

"There is one zodiac sign that is going to meet...

..the love of their life in this year," Starr said on TikPro.    

2 zodiac signs most likely to find love before 2024  

Jupiter in Taurus till May brings plentiful and exciting energy into your relationship home, giving Scorpio sun and rising signs a good chance to find love before the year ends.  

1. Scorpio

Saturn aspecting Jupiter in Gemini can bring love and relationship energy, but it can also cause problems. Jupiter in Gemini blesses your relationship house, making you hopeful about love.   

2. Sagittariu

A year of transitioning for your seventh house ruler may feel out of this world. This may be the time you meet folks who share your relationship goals.  

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