Travis Kelce hilariously switches shirts on "New Heights." Because of "leaky" and "disgusting" pits  

During the January 24 episode of the "New Heights" podcast, Travis Kelce, 34, humorously pointed out his sweaty armpits, prompting his brother Jason, 36, to tease him about his "dehydrated pits." 

Travis explained that his excessive sweating is a sign of dehydration, leading Jason to jokingly suggest he might be "overhydrated." 

 Travis changed his shirt due to the intense sweating, prompting Jason to mock him for wearing a light gray shirt, calling it the "most risky color."

The wardrobe malfunction occurred as the brothers discussed the Kansas City Chiefs' victory over the Buffalo Bills on January 21. 

Jason, a center for the Philadelphia Eagles, watched the game with family and friends, including Travis' girlfriend, Taylor Swift, who attended to support Travis. 

Despite the brisk temperatures, Jason even took off his shirt, describing the game as "incredible" and a much-needed break after a challenging season with the Eagles. 

Taylor Swift, amused by Jason's antics, told Travis that she "absolutely loved" him. 

This was the first time Jason and his wife, Kylie Kelce, connected with Taylor Swift in person since Travis and Swift began dating last summer. 


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