Tomato Tiffany Is This Summer's Hottest Drink

One of the most popular cocktails right now is the dirty martini.  

A splash of flavorful olive brine enhances the otherwise simple beverage,  

If you enjoy garnishing your drink with an olive (or three), you'll adore this sunny take on a savory cocktail.  

This martini's rich flavor and brilliant color come from tomatoes, not olive brine.  

If you are unconvinced, hear us out. Consider this cocktail a cleaner, crisper version of the Bloody Mary.  

Gin's botanical qualities also combine surprisingly well with tomatoes, evoking flavors of both the fruit  

the foliage of the tomato plant (an aroma that has inspired numerous popular candles, by the way).  

Simply store it in an airtight jar in the refrigerator and shake it again when you're ready to make your cocktails.  

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