Tom Cruise Confirms 'Top Gun' Sequel Is Officially in the Works

Tom Cruise Announcement: During an Australian TV interview, Tom Cruise confirms that the much-discussed sequel to the 1986 classic "Top Gun" is "definitely happening." 

Production Timeline: Cruise reveals that shooting for the sequel will likely commence within the next year, indicating the project's imminent start. 

Surprising Confirmation: Cruise's confirmation surprises the newscaster, as he reiterates the news and expresses his excitement for the project. 

Exclusive Revelation: Cruise mentions that the interviewers are the first to whom he's disclosed this information, highlighting the significance of the moment. 

Long-Awaited Sequel: Producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Cruise have long aimed for the sequel, following the immense success of the original film. 

Star-Studded Cast: The original "Top Gun" boasted a stellar cast, including Cruise, Anthony Edwards, Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer, and Meg Ryan, among others. 

Project Development: Bruckheimer and Cruise have been discussing ideas for the sequel with screenwriter Justin Marks, aiming to craft a compelling new story centered around Maverick. 

Decades-Long Quest: Bruckheimer's pursuit of the sequel gained momentum in 2016, sparking anticipation among fans of the iconic film franchise. 

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