This Bizarre Hole in The Water Is Not an Optical Illusion. It Actually Exist


 A watery gateway to hell can open up alongside the skies in California's eastern Napa region.  

 If water levels at Lake Berryessa reservoir at Monticello Dam reach too high, extra water whirlpools into a large hole in the lake.  

 Though the vortex looks like a hell-mouth, residents call the hole the 'Glory Hole'. Engineers created the 1950s spillway.  

 The hole controls water flow from a dam or levee instead of a side chute.  

 A side chute would have nowhere to go in a tiny opening between cliffs like the Devil's Gate, where Monticello Dam is.  

 Instead, the builders used a large old drain like your bathtub or sink.  

 Bell-mouths (pronounced hell-mouths) are employed to manage water levels in various dams worldwide.  

 The Glory Hole in Napa is noted for its spectacle. A particularly wet year in 2017, hundreds congregated on the concrete ledge to stare open-mouthed into the yawning abyss, according to The New York Times.  


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