The zodiac signs most likely to cheat, ranked

Promiscuity is a tricky topic that may or may not raise eyebrows (depending on your particular preferences and experiences).   

Different people love being noncommittal for a variety of reasons, including seeking approval from multiple sources, pursuing the excitement, and possibly avoiding true intimacy.  

Who knows, and who are we to judge? The point is, there is frequently a lot more going on beneath the surface than meets the eye.  

It is less about discovering variety and more about being terrified to shatter and fall. Scorpios may sting, but behind that 100-foot-high barbed fence is a soft-hearted squishball of a hopeless romantic who will only give you their whole dedication and commitment if you gradually earn their trust. They are not eager to flutter around for the thrill, but rather to prevent heartbreak that sends them into a rabbit hole.   


We know how much a Sag enjoys playing, particularly in situations where familiarity creates boredom. So, if a Sag looks elsewhere, it may not be because they are no longer in love, but rather because they have become jaded. One method to keep them interested is to maintain a high degree of intimacy and fun, whether or not you're having regular intercourse.  


They are most likely sapiosexuals, which is not to argue that everyone else is foolish; rather, it is to explain the enigma behind their varied partner choices. A Gemini's roaming eye is due to a variety of factors, including physical magnetism, emotional support, and intellectual stimulation. Expansion and progress are their life mantras, whether in relationships or beyond.  


Aries are the zodiac's adrenaline addicts, and their demeanor can come across as boisterous and impetuous, which is why they often look outside of relationships or want to be non-committal. Consider Aries to be a curious child that enjoys having all of his or her toys out while chasing butterflies.  


Taurus is an earth sign that represents stability, but it also has a strong fire element (read: stubborn and combative). When they are peaceful, they are zen, but when they are angry, they can make the skies quake. Taureans are particularly capable of igniting a wildfire, which once sparked can soon turn into an inferno.  


Dreamy and romantic? Yes. Wicked or sensual? Also, yes. Pisces resembles a foxy lady with a halo. Their planetary ruler, Neptune, expects that their dream world between the sheets be as vivid and exploratory as the one in their thoughts, therefore it's possible that they're looking elsewhere because they feel overlooked, unacknowledged or condemned  


Their intrinsic picture-perfect, larger-than-life thinking may indicate that they require freedom and cerebral stimulation in both their daily lives and in bed. Continue to fuel this fire, and keep your Aquarian significant other locked in. Throughout one's life.  



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