The Trudeaus' 18-year marriage ended in divorce; who is Sophie Gregoire?  

On Wednesday, following nearly twenty years of marriage, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie announced their separation.  

 They tied the knot in May 2005: 51-year-old Trudeau and 48-year-old Sophie Gregoire Trudeau  

 The couple's children include Ella-Grace, who is fourteen years old, Xavier, who is fifteen years old, and Hadrien, who is nine years old.  

 According to a statement released by the prime minister's office (PMO), the couple has officially entered into a separation agreement.  

Sophie and the prime minister continue to be very close as a family, and they are both committed to providing a nurturing home life for their children  

 According to the administration, Canadians may anticipate frequent sightings of the family in their entirety. 

 Sophie is a former journalist, and the couple reportedly met in 2003, according to the newspaper Globe and Mail.  

 She was characterized in a previous piece as "a qualified yoga teacher, energetic supporter of women's issues and public speaker" by the journal.  

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