The new 70/SS is a reborn Chevelle Super Sport available with 1,500bhp+

 New muscle automobile honors powerful old one.  

 American automaker Trans Am Worldwide has shown the first photos of their next automobile, a tribute to the Chevelle Super Sport.  

 So welcome to the current V8 monster. TAW's 70/SS pony car, "seven years in the making,,,

 has 450bhp from an entry-level 6.2-litre LT-1 V8, 900bhp, and Bugatti Chiron-troubling 1,500bhp from the ‘LS6/X 454’ variant.  

 Yee and possibly haw in large quantities. However, only 25 of that car will be made, so you must act fast.  

 All have rear-wheel-drive and manual or automatic gearboxes. 

 Assuming you like the look. The Camaro underpins the Bandit Edition Trans Am TG drove a while back, but this 70/SS's "modern platform" is unknown.  

 To that, TAW turned the SS's boxy lines into the behemoth above.  

 The Infiniti QX80 is a new turbo V6 SUV with “Heritage colors” and “modern tri-stage custom colors” for consumers seeking a more bright look.  

 Each automobile starts at $150k, but indulge in your preferences and it will cost more.  

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