The Love & Relationship Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign On April 17


Love is a beautiful sensation since it extends into other aspects of your life. You are feeling joyful today. Your life appears to be proceeding regardless of your relationship status—single, coupled, or looking.   


"Love covers a multitude of sins," and you may feel that some rifts are not worth arguing about. You may not get the closure you need in an argument, but why let it spoil your day?  


You must choose your confidants cautiously. Today, you may choose to open up to someone other than your relationship. This could produce some friction in your relationship life in the future.  


Love should feel equal to you, and you expect romance to be fair. Today, you want your partner to be as invested in you as you are in them.  


Life is too short to play little, and when you're in love, you want to live big. You truly want to travel abroad of the nation with your companion.  


You can sense when someone cares about you, but a person's secret crush on you may not be obvious right now or anytime soon. You may have a sensation that someone likes you, but they keep that information to themselves.  


Finding love might be difficult, but having excellent friends may make it simpler. A acquaintance may know just the person to set you up on a blind date. You may ponder whether you should go. The answer is yes.  


It's important to love others, but today is about self-care. Focus your efforts on working out and getting back in shape. Self-care can be one of the most powerful ways to express your love for yourself. Be good to yourself.  


Love is happening, Sagittarius. The heart cannot control who it loves. You may meet someone in another state or country and feel as if you are falling in love; a long-distance romance may be building, and it will be difficult to say no.  


Secrets may abound, Capricorn. Someone in your family may be having or considering having a covert affair, and you can sense their anxiety about what to do. If you find out, you may ponder if you should tell.  


When is it appropriate to ask someone to marry you? Today could be the greatest day to talk about the future and share what's on your mind. It's a major decision to make! Go ring shopping or look out ways to pop the question.  


Love can improve in ways you never imagined, fulfilling all of your romantic fantasies. You are eager to focus on the details that make a romantic connection successful.


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