The Family Guy creator discusses the show's cancellation.  

It may seem strange that Family Guy has endured 25 years after FOX canceled it after two seasons, but the show's creator confessed his feelings.   

Family Guy premiered following the Super Bowl on FOX, but it was abruptly canceled after two seasons.  

After successful home video sales and Adult Swim reruns, FOX renewed the cartoon series and has kept it going ever since.   

after Family Guy has thrived after its dismissal, its 25th anniversary is going to be a wild one for everyone.  

How did Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane react to its cancellation? The LA Times asked.   

It was his first serious program pitch that got picked up and resurrected before his relationship with 20th Television Animation expired, so he had no comparison.   

"I had nothing to compare it to because it was the first show I'd ever pitched, and it got picked up," he said. "'Oh, I guess this is normal.'"  

That wasn't it. My cancellation made me think, 'OK, I guess this is usual too.' It wasn't like they kicked you out. Yes, we want to do business with you. My 20th Television Animation contract never expired throughout those two years. They revived the show before it expired. So I drove that jalopy like Mr. Magoo. Everyone get that reference?"  

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