The fact that his 11-year-old daughter falls asleep on her mother and boyfriend's bed bothers him.

The sleeping arrangements at his ex-wife's house make a man anxious.  

He recently learned from his daughter that she sleeps in her mother's bedroom and worries about who is there.   

The man said in a since-deleted Reddit post that his daughter had told him she sleeps in her mother's bed with her boyfriend when she visits her house. She'll sleep between them while watching TV in bed.  

1. The man learned that his 11-year-old daughter often falls asleep in her mother’s bed with her mother and her boyfriend. 

New information concerned the father.  Despite his ex and her current boyfriend being together for six years—since his daughter was four—he stated, "She's only 11, and [I don't] think she should be sharing a bed with a man."  

Since he has been her father since she was four years old, he is like a second father to her. From what you describe, it does not appear to be wrong in any way," a user said on Reddit.   

2. Most people online assured the man that his daughter’s sleeping arrangements were not inappropriate.

“I used to sleep with my mother and stepdad all the time as a child; he is my second dad,” another person said. I would worry more if it were a fresh relationship, but not here. This man partially reared your kid and appears to be her father.”   

Children, especially younger ones, crave comfort and security from trusted people, including stepparents. Shared beds can provide protection and reassurance.   

3. For the most part, there is no issue with children falling asleep in the same space as their step-parents, especially if they trust them. 

However, family relationships, cultural standards, and everyone's comfort must be considered. It's important to prioritize the well-being and comfort of all family members, especially youngsters.   

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