The Disneyland noise hotline will soon be available to Anaheim homeowners.  

Disney spokespeople said Tuesday at the Anaheim City Council meeting that Anaheim residents affected by Disneyland Forward or after-dark park activities noise can soon call a hotline.  

Anaheim Mayor Ashleigh Aitken asked Disney how resort neighbors can report noise levels at the meeting.  

Disney says a hotline will operate during and after construction. Residents can contact live agents on the 24/7 hotline.  

No hotline number has been published because the hotline isn't active.  

Disney announced a hotline to control greater noise levels as it hosts after-hours park activities and plans Disneyland Forward construction.  

A 40-year arrangement called Disneyland Forward would allow Disney to build additional attractions, stores, and eateries in areas it already owns and operates.  

The Toy Story Parking Area at Katella Avenue and Harbor Boulevard would be replaced by park attractions, hotels, retail, dining, and entertainment on the west side of Disneyland Drive.  

An environmental impact report for Disneyland Forward required Disney to install temporary sound barriers during construction and permanent 12-foot-tall noise barriers along property lines in expansion plans to reduce noise.  

Some potential expansion regions would ban fireworks to reduce noise in nearby towns.  

During Tuesday's discussion, numerous Anaheim homeowners raised noise concerns.  

City council members voted 7-0 to approve the mammoth $1.9 billion expansion plan.  

The final municipal council vote is May 7. Disneyland Forward modifications would take 30 days if the idea passes.  

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