The 7 Most Important Things That Being a Father Taught Naruto

 Fans were curious to watch Naruto mature in 2014's The Last: Naruto the Movie 

 Naruto couldn't accept Boruto's inattention, no matter how much he yelled at home. Boruto cheated on the Chunin Exam and was eliminated from the tournament  

 1 Second Chances  

 Naruto ignored the joys of parenting because to work. He rediscovered it after the exam and decided to train Boruto instead of giving him to Sasuke. Repairing the relationship was key  

2 Fun and innocence shouldn't die

 Naruto's advisor Shikamaru preferred the old guard guarding the Hidden Leaf. Not that he didn't trust his son Shikadai and the new shinobi. He was afraid of turning them into soldiers and losing them, as in Naruto  

 3 Trust the Future  

 Naruto and Boruto's strained relationship become a joke-filled camaraderie. It was much welcomed by Naruto, who lost his smile due to work. Naruto's daughter Himawari's cheerfulness also cheered him.  

 4 Keep Comedy Going

 Naruto had rage issues as a child. Kurama is transformed into a fierce jinchūriki by his chakra. This changed thankfully in Naruto Shippuden as Naruto and the Nine Tails Demon Fox came closer.  

 5 Control Rage

 After Sasuke atoned and became a Uchiha Ranger, many inside and outside Konoha remained pessimistic. 

 6 Supporting Sasuke Was Worth It  

 Always wary of his family, Naruto. No, they're not incapable. He's afraid of losing them. He is content after seeing his kids train, go on missions, and return after becoming a father.  

7. Trust Family More

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