Taylor Swift writes her most hauntingly exquisite songs on 'Tortured Poets'  

Taylor Swift's superpower is vulnerability.

From her 2006 debut's glorified diary entries to her 2024 Grammy-winning "Midnights," she has proudly put her heart on her sleeve.  

“The Tortured Poets Department,” Swift's 11th studio album, was unexpectedly unveiled while accepting the first of two additional Grammys in February.  

Now available, these 16 pensive pop songs are the opposite of “Lover.”  

Melodic heartbreak. Rainbows turned sepia. Unenjoyed era.  

Stevie Nicks' poem "Prologue" and Swift's summary report as chairman of The Tortured Poets Department ("Chaos, “leads the caged beast to do the most strange things,” she writes) bookend "TTPD".  

She's not concerned about pride as she blames herself for a six-year relationship's end.  

Swift takes responsibility for "The Tortured Poets Department" title tune, but former boyfriend Joe Alwyn is the obvious enemy in most tracks ("The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived").  

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