Simone Biles overcame tears, fears for a no-regrets gymnastics comeback

Sitting down at a table with her trainers Cecile and Laurent Landi, Simone Biles once said,  

"I want to go back to the Olympics." This was while she was on vacation from gymnastics.

"They were like, 'No, you've set expectations for yourself for so long,'" During an interview with NBC Olympics podcaster Alex Cooper in March, Biles recalled the event. "'Let's just go back in the gym, get in shape and see what happens.'"  

Agreed, Biles. She started exercising twice a day in early 2023 after a year-long hiatus, and she really upped her game following her wedding in May of last year,   

after which she returned to sporadic training in September of that year.  

With 32 medals to her name from the Olympics and world championships, Biles's desire to compete again stemmed from a basic place.  

"I don't want to be down the road in 10 years, look back, and be like, 'Oh, I wish I would have tried,'" according to her.  

She returned to competition in August, went on to win the all-around in each of her three 2023 meetings, and took home four medals from the global championships in October.  


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