Rihanna debuts new hair at her brand event

Rihanna enthralled fans when she presented her new style and demonstrated her exceptional fashion sense.  

On Wednesday, April 17, the 36-year-old Barbadian artist debuted her new blonde hairstyle with wispy bangs floating on her forehead.  

She shared her new look with fans after celebrating the debut of the latest Fenty x Puma Creeper Phatty colorways.  

The Fenty Mogul hosted the event with her new hairstyle, only days after wearing a few shades deeper golden blonde hair for her appearance at 2024 Coachella.  

For the Wednesday event, the Diamonds hitmaker wore her new haircut down, with half cascading over her shoulders and the other half falling freely at the back,  

elegantly framing her face.She finished her glammed-up look for the event with light pink blush and bright red lipstick.  

Furthermore, Rihanna chose warm, earthy tones for her latest shoe launch, wearing an oversized moss green suit jacket over a dark brown jumpsuit.  

She accessorized her look with orange-tinted sunglasses, several chains, and rings, including A$AP Rocky's "GRIM" ring.  


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