Reasons why Steph's Warriors responsibility is bigger than ever at 36 

The Warriors don't want to stand behind the velvet rope watching the NBA's elite teams enter via the VIP entrance. This is humbling for a franchise known for its beauty.  

Former NBA aristocracy and most popular celebrities, the Warriors lived on velvet rope.  

After placing 10th in the Western Conference and waiting with the NBA Play-In Tournament generics, they are here because only a thin layer separates them from mediocrity.  

Because they have only Stephen Curry as an All-Star.  

Can his shoulders, chiseled by thousands of hours of weight training, carry the Warriors past the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday and the rest of the play-in tournament? Finally, into NBA playoff exclusivity?  

Curry said Monday, “I think it's pretty obvious it'll be a disappointment if we're not in a playoff series and have an opportunity to compete at that level.”  

Last season, Curry led the Warriors to the No. 6-seed and an automatic playoff berth and put on a show in Game 7 of the first round against the Kings, scoring 50 points, eight rebounds, and six assists in 38 minutes.  

“He's one of the great clutch players in league history,” said coach Steve Kerr. “We know.  

Kerr added, “He led the league in player efficiency in clutch minutes this year. “We've seen him win titles and Finals MVP. Steph Curry is Steph. Therefore, that performance did not surprise me.  

Because he is. He's ‘him,’ said Lakers guard Austin Reaves. That game was his best.”  

A win takes the Warriors halfway home. Curry and his teammates just want to win two straight and gain admission.  

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