Ranking Zodiac Signs by Marriageability, From Most to Least 

While marriage is less popular than it used to be, many romantics look forward to their wedding day, gathering friends and family to express their undying love for the person they want to spend their lives with. Some think it's the most romantic act of one's life.

If you dream about your wedding, you may wonder who would be the perfect spouse. Choosing a life partner is like checking your horoscope, and you've probably given it a lot of thought.

1. Cancer

Cancers are sensitive, amorous, and bonding. If you marry one, you'll have a long, loving life together. They're loyal and appreciate being in a relationship.

2. Capricorn

Traditional, old-fashioned Capricorns are family-oriented. Despite working hard, they are loyal and trustworthy and will make time for their partner.  

3. Aries

If you attract an Aries, hold on. They're passionate, impetuous, and loving, making them a good marriage candidate. Aries can be impulsive, but they don't rush into marriage, so believe their sentiments.  

4. Pisces

Of course, Pisces love. They often fantasize, yet they may be planning romantic actions to shower you with. It may take a long to notice their loves because they're not aggressive, but you can trust them.  

5. Taurus

Taureans are exclusive, extravagant, and devoted. If you energize a Taurus, they will form a romantic, loving, and lasting relationship.  

6. Gemini

Geminis are smart but indecisive. Capturing a Gemini's heart is rewarding. They are active and always consider your feelings.  

7. Scorpio

Scorpios love life's mysteries. Keeping their attention requires a well-rounded, ever-changing person. If you can captivate them, they'll be a lifelong partner, but they're easily bored.  

8. Sagittarius

It may be difficult to settle a Sagittarius, who is independent. However, they are hilarious and impulsive companions.  

9. Libra

Libras appreciate beauty and are great visually rewarding mates. They will create a stunning mood for everyone. They are diplomatic partners because they cherish balance and justice.  

10. Virgo

Virgos are intensely independent and hardworking. They don't rush into relationships, yet patience may help you bind one. If you do, their compassion and support will console you.  

11. Leo

Leos are party animals but seek attention. You need a great personality to grab Leo's short attention. If you can win Leo's heart, marriage will be fun forever.  

12. Aquarius

Aquarians, the Zodiac's social butterfly, are creative. They rarely have time for romance due to their busy schedules. They make great companions but don't settle because they're comfortable alone.  

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