Outlander showrunner addresses concerns of Jamie and Claire's reduced screen time in next season.  

Outlander's creator has addressed concerns that Jamie and Claire Fraser, played by charismatic Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, had less screen time together in the latest season.   

Maril Davis, the creator of the renowned historical drama, recently discussed the decision-making process and the necessity of diverse characters.  

Every episode showed that the show's ardent fans wanted more Jamie-Claire moments.  

Davis told RadioTimes she was surprised by the criticism and stressed the show's commitment to Diana Gabaldon's writing.   

I'm astonished since we can't always follow the books, but this does "Davis said.   

Diana has done an excellent job of developing people you want to follow....

....throughout this book series, even while Jamie and Claire are.....

...Claire are always going to be our center.  

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