Optical Illusion: In just three seconds, identify the one pineapple that doesn't belong.  

 Perception and visual skills are tested via mind-bending visual illusions. Understanding how our brain handles such complicated visual data is greatly aided by these illusions.

 Solving optical illusions is fun and can increase creativity and mental health.  

 Regular practice of such activities can improve cognition and prevent cognitive decline in elderly adults.   

 A number of pineapples are arranged in a grid in the photograph that was just shared.  

 Nevertheless, one of the pineapples is distinct from the others in its appearance.  

 Over the course of three seconds, the readers will be tasked with identifying that peculiar pineapple.  

 In this assignment, your ability to observe will be put to the test.  

 Individuals who have the highest visual skills are able to locate the mysterious pineapple more quickly than other readers.  


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