One Punch Man movie to be rewritten with Community's Dan Harmon.  

It has been known for some time that the beloved manga and anime series One Punch Man will be adapted into a film,   

but what is new is that Community co-creator Dan Harmon and fellow Rick and Morty contributor Heather Anne Campbell have been attached as writers.  

According to a recent piece in The Hollywood Reporter, the project has been directed by Justin Lin from the Fast series, and the script has been turned over to the new couple, as Heather Anne Campbell confirmed in a recent post on X.  

To those unfamiliar with One Punch Man, it tells the story of a bald man with incredible strength who, as the name implies, can win any battle with a single punch.   

The series is significantly more of a comedy than a standard action Shonen, with main character Saitama largely annoyed by the lack of challenge that this ability provides him, while attempting to live a comfortable but alone existence free of distractions.  

The project originated in 2009 as a webcomic by artist One, and was later updated with fresh graphics from Yusuke Murata as its popularity expanded,   

with the anime series debuting in 2015, initially handled by Madhouse but eventually given over to J.C. Staff for succeeding seasons.  

Since 2008, Heather Anne Campbell has written for SNL, The Eric Andre Show, and others. She co-executive produces Rick and Morty and co-hosts the Get Anime'd podcast. Dan Harmon began film and TV writing in 1999.  

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