One Key Distinction Between Content and Dissatisfied Couples  

You can easily find a life partner. But ensuring a healthy relationship? The true challenge.  

One thing sets happy couples apart, according to relationship podcaster Jimmy Knowles  

According to Knowles, a happy couple is distinguished by their friendliness.   

Since kindness is clear, couples typically understate and underuse it.   

In a world of gaslighting and trauma, Knowles says keeping things simple is preferable.  

Do you wish to treat your lover with more kindness? Susan Krauss Whitbourne, a professor of psychology, suggests getting a better knowledge of the individuals in question.  

1. Understand their needs.

In rage, we often say things that hurt and annoy our relationships. Understandably, feeling like you'll explode makes it hard to keep calm.  

2. Be careful with your words.

“A relationship takes two people,” adds Whitebourne. As you would like your partner to treat you, you must also respect and honor your spouse.  

3. Remind yourself about teamwork.

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