NFL exec on 49ers' Brock Purdy: 'I think he needs to find more fire'

Brock Purdy is not one to seek the limelight. When interacting with reporters in interviews  

he exhibits courtesy, respect, and a calm manner. Nothing we've seen from the San Francisco 49ers quarterback's off-field activities suggests that it's a sham.  

On the field, Purdy can be fiery, especially after a great play or when he wants to make sure his teammates are on the same page.  

While admiring the third-year quarterback, one unnamed NFL official indicated a want to see more of Purdy's fire in the future, believing it is critical to his growth.  

"Brock Purdy is one of the most talented arms that I've seen," the executive previously told NFL Analysis Network.   

"However, I believe he should find more fire. I want to watch him become excited on the field. That's a critical component for him to become a true great quarterback."  

Purdy is well on his way to being one of the NFL's greatest.  

In only his second season, the rookie quarterback set a team record for single-season yardage with 4,280 in 16 games.  


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