NFL Draft: What is the best-case situation for Bo Nix?  

The quarterback class is one of the best in recent memory, and Oregon's Bo Nix is likely the most contentious. What's his best case? senario  

The NFL Draft is fast approaching, and the quarterback class is constantly at the center of the discourse.  

The most important aspect of the quarterback class will be how the top four players are selected.   

Once they do, the second tier of quarterbacks will be a factor.  

Bo Nix, the Oregon quarterback, has sparked the most debate about the first round.   

The five-year starter's opinions are not only diverse, but also extreme.   

He is a somewhat restricted quarterback who struggles with processing NFL-style reads and had a smoke-and-mirrors offense designed particularly to disguise his shortcomings.  

Despite these concerns, his accuracy and tool set will appeal to certain NFL coaches.   


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