Naruto: Lionsgate Hints at Live-Action Adaptation in the Works 

Few shows can match Naruto's popularity. Hidden Leaf Village has become an icon since Masashi Kishimoto took over the series  

 Naruto legend is stronger than ever in manga, anime, and books. As Lionsgate works on the live-action version, all eyes are on it, and the production firm appears optimistic.  

 This year's CinemaCon theater show in Las Vegas revealed the confession. ComicBook got all the updates, and Lionsgate mentioned Naruto onstage. 

 "[Naruto provides] endless possibilities for future chapters," Lionsgate said. Unfortunately, CinemaCon did not reveal project specifics.  

 The adaptation is overseen by Destin Daniel Cretton, who will co-write the script.  

 Naturally, Naruto fans were curious, and Kishimoto promptly addressed them. The Naruto inventor wrote a letter supporting Cretton and said he was the perfect director.  

 I discovered Destin's attachment after watching a huge action film, and I believed he would be the perfect Naruto director.  

 After watching his earlier films and realizing he excels at human dramas, I decided Naturo needs no other director   

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