MLB Best Player Prop Bets for April 16

Player props provide an exciting element to sports betting. They provide crucial information about a player's ability to do effectively in daily fantasy baseball or while betting at your preferred sportsbook.

Our AI-powered dfsPro model predicts a handful of individual performances to keep an eye on in today's games. Let's look at some of our top MLB player prop bets for April 16. 

FanGraphs provides all statistical studies.Tonight, the San Francisco Giants will face the Miami Marlins. Jordan Hicks is scheduled to pitch for the Giants,

who will face a squad that has not performed well offensively in 2024. The Marlins now have the sixth fewest overall hits of any MLB team, with only 123 hits so far.

It's worth remembering that Hicks hasn't surpassed the prop line since 2022, and he's routinely fallen short of it in three straight games this season, averaging only four hits over six innings. 

Throughout the season, the Giants have averaged 8.59 hits per game while combining starting pitching and bullpen performances. According to our estimate, Hicks is anticipated to allow only 1.2 hits tonight.

Ranger Suarez of the Philadelphia Phillies is scheduled to face the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies have struggled against left-handed pitchers this season, with a 71 wRC+ and.682 OPS. 

This difficulties versus lefties continues from last season, when they finished last in baseball with a 74 wRC+ and a.701 OPS, placing them in the bottom 25 teams.


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