Mind-bending optical illusion reveals hidden number, and everyone sees it differently.

Optical illusions can be as infuriating as they are entertaining, and this viral example is no exception  

A number is concealed inside a grey and black swirled pattern, but many people aren't sure what it is, with people discovering all sorts of various solutions in the image - and the answer you find may be related to how sharp your eyesight is.  

Illusions like this aren't simply a fun way to pass the time and compare your answers to your friends or coworkers  

something very essential about how our brains work and remind us that we all experience different versions of reality.

This form of optical illusion is known as a physiological illusion, and it works by overstimulating our brains   

This one has a circular black pattern on a grey background, with swirls and sharp angles, and the hidden number, which seems grey, is in the centre of the image - if you can locate it below. 

So, what did you find? Some people found a short number, while others discovered a longer one.  

One individual only saw the central two, claiming that it was due to "no central vision in one eye".   

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