Melissa Joan Hart turns 48! Enjoy 10 Perfectly Magical '90s Photos of the Teenage Witch in Her TV Heyday.  

Melissa Joan Hart is forever a '90s It Girl. From her red carpet flair to her cherished roles on Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Clarissa Explains It All, the young actress captivated Hollywood from the start.  

Hart, a mother of three teenage boys, nevertheless evokes nostalgia for her TV appearances and retro attire.  

Hart's 48th birthday is April 18, 2024, so here are 10 throwback photographs from her early career. Melissa Joan Hart made her TV debut at 15 in the Nickelodeon coming-of-age show Clarissa Explains It All.  

Hart still enjoys playing the lead, even if the program ended in 1994. In 2022, she wore Clarissa's Dr. Martens boots to a '90s Con panel, telling the crowd she was determined to wear the "actual" pair, even if the laces had snapped.  

Melissa Joan Hart played Sabrina the Teenage Witch after Clarissa Explains It All ended in 1994. Season 1 premiered in September 1996, and season 7 ended in 2002.  

The actress worked with Beth Broderick and Caroline Rhea, who played her aunts Zelda and Hilda Spellman. Michelle Beaudoin played Sabrina's best friend Jenny, while Jenna Leigh Green played her high school rival Libby.  

Nate Richert played Sabrina's boyfriend Harvey. Films from the successful Sabrina franchise followed. Melissa Joan Hart, who costarred with Ryan Reynolds in the first film spinoff, revealed they had off-screen chemistry decades later.  

We adored each other. He was cute. He was great," she told Australia's Studio 10 in 2017.  


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