Mal's exclusive Drake reaction to Rick Ross's 'CHAMPAGNE MOMENTS'  

According to Drake's close friends, Rick Ross' diss song doesn't bother him.  

On Tuesday (April 16), Drizzy's friend Mal, co-host of the Rory & Mal podcast, claimed the OVO hitmaker laughed at the money talk on “Champagne Moments.”  

The media figure said, “Yo how you feel about the Ross record?'” about contacting the 6 God.  

“Trying to assess him... He said, ‘He stated he was wealthy than me and I turned it off.’”  

Over the weekend, Rozay uploaded “Champagne Moments” online hours after Drake attacked him on “Push Ups (Drop & Give Me 50).”  

Numerous digs at his former pal and collaborator, including plastic surgery rumors, are in the song.

“You ain't never want to be an n-gga anyway, n-gga/ That's why you had a nose-reduction operation, n-gga.”  

In the song's outro, the Miami native raps, “I unfollowed you, n-gga, ’cause you sent the motherfucking cease-and-desist to French Montana, n-gga/ You sent the police, n-gga, hatin' on my dog project.”  

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