Lakers' LeBron James sets history with his 20th All-Star selection.

Few things are unavoidable, including Caitlin Clark becoming the first pick in the WNBA draft.  

The college basketball phenom will now earn $76,000 in the first year of her WNBA contract.   

The price is less than what someone paid for one of her basketball cards at the PWCC auction. It has left fans astonished.  

"That's honestly just embarrassing," said Rachel Schladenhauffen, a college student who followed Clark's Final Four journey.   

"These women are on top of their game. This woman broke Steph Curry's record, and she deserves more than $76,000."  

"She made so much in college already, and now she's getting paid like $70,000?" asked Eshaan Jalali, another college student. "I was shocked.   

She is the primary reason so many people will watch the WNBA.  

According to Front Office Sports, Clark's current endorsement deals total approximately $3.1 million.  


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