Lakers’ LeBron James Issues Warning on Pelicans Ahead of Play-In

At 39 years old and with 21 NBA seasons under his belt—that's now 1,492 games and 56,597 minutes in the regular season plus another 287 games with 11,654 minutes in the playoffs—LeBron James has every right to feel fatigued and bruised up at this time of year. 

That was the case for the Lakers last season, when James was suffering from soreness in his right foot and ankle.

After the April 14 season finale against the Pelicans, James updated his 2024 health status and declared that, at the very least, he is in better shape than he was a year ago, when the Lakers faced Minnesota in a play-in game to earn the No. 7 seed in the playoffs.

This year, they will play in New Orleans, where the Lakers defeated the Pelicans, 124-108, on Tuesday night. Following the triumph, James contrasted his health to this time last year.

"Better than I did at the end of the season last year, going into the postseason," James said after Sunday's game. "Obviously, I'm still dealing with it, whatever the case may be, a few tiny things here and there. 

But I take great pride in the offseason. I'm just trying to get my ankle and foot back in order, as well as my body, for the remainder of the regular season."

However, now that the regular season is over, the Lakers face their biggest hurdle. And LeBron James is warning his teammates to be prepared for a comeback game in New Orleans.

The Lakers must win their way into the playoffs, and they can claim the No. 7 seed by defeating the Pelicans again in New Orleans on Tuesday.


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