king charles jam sold out meghan markle's debuted.

The United States and the United Kingdom have long been allies, but a new conflict between the two nations is escalating.   

This time, it's not about taxes, but about jam. Following Meghan Markle's sneak glimpse at American Riviera Orchard's strawberry jam, sales of King Charles' own fruity preserve reportedly increased, according to the Daily Mail.  

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Does King Charles sell jam? Those royals are involved in a variety of business ventures, including jam sales.   

According to the Daily Mail, Charles' jam "appears to have seen a jump in sales from royalists, who have done so in such great numbers that one item sold out."   

That's right, there are irritated Brits who bought Charles' jam out of spite (and possibly bigotry).  

The Highgrove Organic Strawberry Preserve is temporarily out of stock, so my plan to conduct a taste test comparing Meghan's jam to Charles' jam will have to wait for the time being.  

Highgrove's website describes Charles' jam as "a mouth-watering combination of plump ripe strawberries and tangy lemon."  

Ew. Sorry, I imagined Charles saying it, which freaked me out.  


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