King Charles is battling cancer. What would happen to Queen Camilla if he dies or abdicates?  

The discovery that King Charles III has some form of cancer has sparked legions of what-if scenarios on both sides of the Atlantic.  

One option is that the sick king decides to abdicate and tend to his health, immediately focusing attention on his eldest son and first in line to the throne, Prince William.  

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That process, of course, accelerates if Charles dies, resulting in the reign of King William V, unless he takes another name.  

In such case, a separate concern arises: What will happen to Queen Consort Camilla  

The tricky reality is that, while King Charles will undoubtedly have outlined his plans for his wife in considerable detail, the reigning monarch, in this case.  

King William, ultimately determines how much or how little part Queen Consort Camilla will play in her later life.  

Who will succeed King Charles III?Everything you need to know about the British royal line.  

Furthermore, when King William ascends to the throne, his wife, Princess Kate, will become queen. Kate, as the mother of Prince George, the future ruler, wields enormous power in both royal circles and public opinion.  


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