Ski Daredevil at 14 Years Old Attempts to Keep His Parents from Being Terrified

 You are in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. — Kai Jones enjoys looking back on his younger days.  

 a dangerous, rugged 35-foot mountain cliff in Wyoming backcountry.  

 “I had butterflies in my stomach — looking over the edge was intimidating,” Kai said last month, still in ski boots after a lightning run down Jackson Hole's slopes near his house.  

 “But you close your eyes and imagine your strategy.   

 You open your eyes and pray for the best, but you know it will work out because you studied it.”  

 Kai jumped for three seconds and landed in a snowstorm that covered his four-foot frame.  

 He emerged from the powdered puff to carve buttery turns in the ultra-steep environment below the famous granite precipice as cameras rolled.  

 Later, Shelly Jones stated, “I congratulated him.” “I wouldn't say, ‘Oh my God, you shouldn't be doing that.’ Skiing family.”  

 Kai's action movie debut, which garnered over three million views on YouTube, was made from the video.  

 A winter sports prodigy was born, unafraid of dangerous out-of-bounds terrain.  

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