Joe Burrow says he's 'pro-taunting': 'I'm not gonna get my feelings hurt'

The NFL gained the nickname "No Fun League" for good reason.

Until recently, team celebrations were rarely permitted, if at all.

The rules have been relaxed for athletes who celebrate touchdowns.

A taunt is defined as "a remark made in order to anger, wound, or provoke someone."  In the NFL, it's commonly used to celebrate a play but also to boast to an opponent.

The rules say that should result in a flag, but Joe Burrow wants a change.

"Yeah, I'm pro-taunting," Burrow stated earlier this week. "We're all grown adults who work really hard at what we do

And sometimes we want to show it. I'm not going to be hurt if someone fires me and taunts me like you made a play. I got it. "Like, good for you."

The Cincinnati Bengals quarterback first expressed his position during the playoffs, when he wrote on X, "Let the guys taunt," after Zay Flowers committed a key penalty in the AFC final.


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