Jason Kelce lost Super Bowl LII ring in pool of Skyline chili

The Philadelphia Eagles' journey to Super Bowl LII will not be forgotten anytime soon, but Jason Kelce has lost a significant piece of memorabilia from the victory.   

On his "New Heights" podcast, Kelce detailed how he lost his Super Bowl ring in an unorthodox way.  

Kelce, together with his brother Travis, hosted the Great Lombaby Games at the University of Cincinnati. The rivalry between athletes and academics featured a game in which players dived into pools of Skyline chili.  

Unfortunately for Kelce, finalists were not the only ones who dipped in the chili. Kelce claimed he lost his ring in one of the pools, and it is now lost forever.  

"I legitimately lost my Super Bowl ring in this event," he stated. "They couldn't locate it... We have yet to find it. All of this has already been discarded,   

so I believe we can reasonably conclude that my Super Bowl ring is now in a landfill somewhere in the Cincinnati tri-state area. I didn't expect that to happen."  

Kelce did state that he has already begun the process of obtaining a new ring to replace the chili-covered one. It is unclear whether the insurance company will reimburse the loss.  

"We've already put the insurance claim in, which the insurance company might have some things to say about whether they're going to cover that," Kelce went on to remark.  


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