Ja Morant's return is still the biggest Memphis Grizzlies offseason storyline | Giannotto

Jaren Jackson Jr. reflected on all of the reasons why this Memphis Grizzlies season did not go as planned, including the injuries and setbacks that left him alone on the court among the team's nucleus and could have destroyed his spirit.

How did he maintain his cheerful attitude throughout it all? That was the question put to him on Monday, now that the entire organization could inspect the wreckage and this campaign from hell was finally ended. 

The first words of his response may have told the narrative better than anything else."The day we found out about 12," Jackson said, referring to Ja Morant's nickname, "was a bad day for everyone."

That was, of course, back in January, when Morant sustained a season-ending labrum injury that necessitated surgery, and his season was forever changed. 

It finally prompted the Grizzlies to give up any postseason ambitions they had. This group's final meeting before parting ways is an event that still remains. 

The most important summer topic for the Grizzlies remains the return of Morant, as it was at the end of last season and the start of this one. 

Everything else this group wants to do is impossible unless he returns to becoming a superstar, which appears to be the season's lingering impression.

So there was a lot said at the franchise's customary end-of-season media event. Zach Kleiman, general manager, reiterated that he is looking for another big man. 


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