It takes 21 seconds for only one out of twenty people to identify the eaten apple!  

An interesting and clever approach to test one's intelligence and cognitive capacity is the picture puzzle.   

Not only are these visually appealing tasks entertaining, but they also measure intelligence and test abilities like reasoning, problem-solving, spatial awareness, and pattern recognition.  

Brain exercise from solving picture puzzles promotes the growth and maturation of new neural connections.   

The ability to think creatively and adaptively is believed to be enhanced by this type of mental activity, which is known to increase cognitive flexibility.  

Is your capacity for keen observation and analytical thinking up to the task at hand? This is no ordinary riddle; in fact, only one out of twenty individuals will be able to complete it in the astonishingly short amount of twenty-one seconds!  

In this enthralling image, which at first glance seems to be a tranquil pumpkin backyard, there is, in fact, an eaten apple tucked away among all these autumnal delights.  

Is the eaten apple in this picture still a mystery to you? Here is the answer in case you are still confused.  

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