Is Kevin Costner going to be back for "Yellowstone"'s" final season?"  

Regarding his involvement with Taylor Sheridan's popular neo-Western TV series "Yellowstone," Kevin Costner has at last spoken up.  

Even though it's mid-April, production has still not begun on the program's fifth and final season, so fans are still wondering if Kevin Costner will be involved. The show will return in November.  

Following the dramatic events, many are wondering whether Kevin Costner would return to the character of John Dutton.   

Even when it appeared like his time as Dutton was up, fans can take heart: there's still chance. Speculating that he might be back, Costner said:

It would be great if we could, but thus far, we haven't been successful.I was hoping for seven seasons, but we're only on season five currently.  

o, I'm hoping that all works out, but there are a lot of shows on at the same time. Perhaps it'll. Maybe this will come full circle for me.   

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, he expressed his desire to participate if the opportunity presented itself and if he felt confident enough to do so.  

According to Costner, he has pondered about what might happen to John Dutton in the series and has shared his ideas on how the character's story could end.   

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