If You Want to Know How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage, This Is the Book for You!

 This post draws heavily from my book Marriage SOS: 30 Lifelines to Save Your Relationship in One Month. This book helps adultery sufferers through the "crisis period  

 It also gives basic, continuing guidance to reestablish trust and your relationship over time. Discovering a spouse has been unfaithful is gut-wrenching and life-changing  

 whether a husband finds a forbidden lover's note in his wife's purse or a wife realizes her husband has been paying another woman's rent. Even if a spouse confesses to infidelity out of guilt and a serious attempt to rebuild the marriage, it is heartbreaking.  

 Suspicion can be emotionally draining. However, many spouses are right about their partner straying. Spending more time at work, unexpected money spending  

 sudden self-improvement efforts (joining a gym, looking better, using cologne), secretive and protective behavior, and greater intimate interest in the other spouse are all symptoms of a cheating spouse. Signs are usually present.  

Smartphone signs are common on nightstands today. Technology, especially social media and texting, makes hidden extramarital friendships simple to turn into affairs. Before this technology, starting and maintaining relations was harder  

 To have an affair with another married individual, one must call home and risk an unhappy husband. Today, that illicit pair can text while eating supper with their naive husbands and children nearby.  

Some spouses, especially those having an affair, get angry when their partner asks who they're texting. "That's none of your business!" or "It's private!"  

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