If you can spot a rabbit in the skiing scene in 9 seconds, you're a puzzle master!  

Seek and find puzzles include finding a hidden item in an image in a set time. This action improves focus and concentration. 

Puzzles like this promote cognition, attention to detail, and vision. Readers must find the concealed item in an image in this assignment. Readers enjoy it and find it intriguing.  

Are you the best puzzler? Find out! The image above shows a man and a woman skiing in the snow.  

Not alone—a rabbit is hiding in plain sight. Can you see the bunny in 9 seconds with your acute eyes? This activity measures attentiveness.  

Focus on the image's details. Excellent observers can spot the bunny. Have you noticed? Quick, the clock is ticking. 

The rabbit's outline is between the boy's leg and the girl's hand. 

Enjoy this activity? Share it with your friends and see who has the sharpest eyes. 

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