I married because I thought I should, not because I loved my husband.

 We know long-term marriages are hard. Over the past decade, more young couples have married without intending to love, honor, and cherish one other until death  

 If one gets bored, loses love, or grows out of the relationship, they can break up quickly.  Childless, no court battle, no difficulty  

 If your first marriage started in your 20s, lasted less than 5 years, and produced no children, it was likely a "starter marriage." 

 If you knew it wouldn't last, why go through the difficulty, money, and emotional fallout of being married? To understand why a woman would select a "starter husband," we interviewed 34-year-old graphic artist Rebecca* about her starter marriage, divorce, and recovery.  

 Rebecca remembers running down the aisle at 26 with joy. It felt like Publisher's Clearing House was waiting at the altar with a million dollars. I was excited to say "I do!"  Marriage was like winning a contest in retrospect. A princess robe was mine.   

What you have realized is that this one person in your life is someone from whom you must go on. You must move on from them. You have both come to the conclusion that it is time to move on from them because they have contributed to your life in some way.  

 Danced at the ball. Getting a Prince Charming was most vital. I was my friends' envy.” Her dream wedding came true.A fairytale day that took at least a year to organize.   

 Rebecca said, “I was fulfilling a wish list, but now I realize it wasn't mine. All my friends said I was lucky and he was fantastic. Marriage was what everyone wanted and what I was supposed to want.  

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