Horoscope Today: April 13, 2024


For you, it's all about fresh starts in the financial department. The cards are challenging you to embrace a "abundance" mindset and join the cosmic payroll in style! First, let's discuss budgets.


This weekend's popular topics at the Taurus refuge include holistic health and wellness. You are being called to invest in your most important asset, yourself.


The truth is that the heart wants what it desires, not what you've been taught you should have. Coming face to face with this truth is a watershed moment for you, Gemini! It's time to take back control.


You did not get here by imitating someone else's style or obeying the rules of the game. You came here to be *you*—the brightest and most daring version of yourself.  


It's time to stop playing the blame game, Leo. Rather than viewing yourself as a passive bystander, understand that life is working in your benefit.


Virgo, your spirit team invites you to take a break from the outside world and focus on yourself. You could find yourself drawn to activities that assist quiet the mind and soothe the spirit—such as meditating,  


"Trust yourself. Create the type of self that you will be content to live all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the small inner sparks of opportunity into fires of success."  


You already understand what fear would do in these situations. It would tell you that you aren't good enough and are unworthy of the wealth and abundance you truly deserve.


This season, the world is preparing a delightful concoction of flirtatious fun and sweet connections. Whether you're single and looking to meet new people or are already in a relationship, you can expect beautiful gestures and love notes that will make your heart skip a beat.  


Capricorn, whatever stated spirituality is *serious business* did not know what they were talking about. What the cards are asking you to accomplish today: locate a taste of paradise right where you are.


Aquarius, it's time to unleash your inner money guru and master the art of financial finesse! The cosmic weather is encouraging you to tighten your purse reins and enjoy the thrill of saving and spending in equal measures.


If your higher self could communicate with you right now, it would say, "You're on the right track! You are precisely where you should be, and your career is moving forward at the appropriate rate.  


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