Hidden Signs of Your Expression in Your Hand Lines  

When individuals tell me they're not good at speaking up in uncomfortable situations or expressing their truth, I remind them that you can't be good at something unless you practice it. When starting something new, especially talking about a difficult situation, none of us are perfect.  

You've been given a voice. It helps when you're being mistreated, doubting your confidence, being swayed to go in a bad direction, or needing to quit a personal or professional connection.  

1. Desire pollution

This indication indicates confusion regarding goals. They will take on another's goals and desires, therefore they must speak up for their own.  

2. Armoring on the heartline

This is self-defense. Possible deep prior hurt. Should I reveal myself? Is trust safe?  

3. Hermit heartline

Before expressing their feelings, people with this heart line must understand them. They may take time to speak.  

4. Romantic idealist heartline

To avoid being misinterpreted, someone with this heart line will often hold back if they can't find the right words to describe their sentiments. A white heart line area can cause rejection anxiety. Rejection is unpleasant, therefore hiding your true self can help.  

5. Weak pinky finger

In the hand's communication zone. Weak fingers leave twisted or absent handprints. Personal and professional expression will be difficult for the person. A twisted upper zone and a missing lower pinky indicate a poor self-image and difficulties expressing one's deepest emotions.  

6. Weak lower thumb

Voice-zone. Other marks can prevent you from speaking and using your lovely voice.  

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