Here's Why the Binance Coin Price is Already on Track for a New All-Time High.  

The overhead supply suggests that the Binance coin's sideways trend may continue until the next recovery jump. Should you buy?   

Binance Coin Price: For more than a month, the crypto market has been trending sideways, following the lead of the Bitcoin price, which is currently at $70000.   

This lateral move is seen as pre-halving consolidation, removing the weak hands from the market and attracting buyers with high conviction.   

As a result, the bulk of altcoins, including Binance currency (BNB), experienced uncertainty.   

However, the fact that this asset is currently hovering above the healthy retracement level shows that the overall trend remains bullish.  

This sell-off prompted the Binance Coin (BNB) price to fall off the triangle's upper boundary, down 2.86% to $588.  

This points to a possible continuance of sideways trading until a significant breakout occurs above the triangle's edge.  

Despite the recent downturn, the pattern's intrinsically bullish nature, combined with the anticipated Bitcoin halving, indicates that BNB is more likely to break through the overhead barrier.  


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