Henry Cavill James Bond Trailer Gets 2.3M Views Despite AI Fake  

Although false, a Bond movie trailer “starring” the former Witcher star has garnered millions of YouTube views.  

The “Bond 26” trailer introduces Cavill as Bond using AI and footage from prior films. The teaser ambitiously presents Margot Robbie as Bond girl.  

The wannabe trailer has garnered 2.3 million views, likely from fans who enjoyed it as a “what-if” and those who were duped.  

If the trailer were for the next Bond film, it would be disappointing due to its lack of spectacle. Cavill-Bond has a weird American accent.  

Cavill supporters have hoped he will replace Daniel Craig as the superspy for years. The latest actor rumored (but unverified) for the part is Aaron Taylor-Johnson.  

Cavill is touring the media for his Guy Ritchie World War II action film The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, which premieres this weekend.   

He was again asked if he would get the call.  

Cavill told The Rich Eisen Show, “I have no idea”. “I only have rumors. The same data. May be too old, may not be. We'll see what Barbara Broccoli and Mike Wilson plan.”  

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